Wireless Temperature Monitor That Sends You Texts!

Freeze-Guard: An industrial-grade temperature monitor that will help protect your frozen goods.


Freeze-Guard is easy to setup, just connect it to your wifi and your freezer contents will be protected.

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The Freeze-Guard mobile app will allow you to monitor the temperature of your freezer or refrigerator remotely.

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Have peace of mind while you do your business activities. Our freezer guard product will protect your refrigerator's content.

About our Freeze-Guard App - a Revolutionary App that Monitors Your Freezer's Temperature

Monitors your refrigerator's or freezer's temperature, whether your freezer door is open or closed, and the Freeze-Guard's battery voltage. Additionally, this device allows you to monitor your freezer's temperature history and export it as a .csv to your email.

Learn More About How Freeze-Guard Protects Your Goods

Our freezer guard product is a wireless temperature and door-state monitor. You, the user, will set a range of temperature (maximum and minimum) allowed for your product (food, vaccines, etc.). When the temperature gets out of its allotted range or the door has been open for more than 10 minutes, the user receives an ALERT text message with the current temperature and door state. This allows the user to check the refrigeration unit with enough time allowed that, if there is a threat of real damage, the door can be shut or service can be called to fix your refrigeration unit before the content of the refrigerator goes bad. All values can be set and monitored from a mobile device (either iPhone or Android) via WiFi.

24/7 Protection for Your Food, Vaccines, and More

Your freezer and refrigerator units will be protected 24/7 due to the battery backup system - even if your main power goes down. In this case, the user will receive a text alert with low power signal readings. A solution for proper storage of COVID-19 vaccines, food and the many products that rely on proper temperatures.

Who Can Use Our Freezer Guard Product?

Freeze-Guard can be used by a wide variety of businesses, from restaurants, to butchers to medical facilities. All businesses that require temperature monitoring to protect their refrigerated content can take advantage of Freeze-Guard.

Freeze-Guard Features - Works in A Variety of Environments

Freeze-Guard is industrial grade and can widthstand dirty, wet, extreme low temperatures, rough environment, and more. It operates with multiple sensors to adapt to your application requirements.


The Freeze-Guard door sensor will allow you to detect when a door is left open for more than 10 minutes. It will notify you via text so you can close it, preventing energy waste and your product reaching undesirable temperatures.


Any deviation to the thresholds including door, power, or temperature, will trigger a message to the user to make sure the refrigerated or frozen product is within the proper temperature range.


Freeze-Guard includes a lithium battery that allows the monitoring system to continue working during power outages. In this case, the user gets notified that the battery charge is reaching low voltage.


Our freezer guard product's ability to prevent refrigerated products from going out of temperature range will save the user money. Making sure the door is always closed will also save money on energy.


Freeze-Guard is customizable to different temperature ranges and refrigerator types.


The Freeze-Guard app allows users to save all their temperature history values and share them by email.

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Take a quick glance of what the Freeze-Guard Mobile App looks like. This application is capable of monitoring and protecting multiple refrigeration appliances.


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Freeze-Guard Pricing Plan

Our freezer guard's price varies depending on the number of refrigerators that need to be protected. The installation is not included. It can be done by the user but we encourage clients to make sure the units are properly installed.

Single Unit

$ 389
  • 1 Door Sensor
  • 1 Temperature Sensor
  • 1 Power Source
  • Cables
  • Mobile App
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Single Uint

$ 439
  • 1 Door Sensor
  • 2 Temperature Sensors
  • 1 Power Source
  • Cables
  • Mobile App
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Single Uint

$ 489
  • 1 Door Sensor
  • 3 Temperature Sensors
  • 1 Power Source
  • Cables
  • Mobile App
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Single Uint

$ 539
  • 1 Door Sensor
  • 4 Temperature Sensors
  • 1 Power Source
  • Cables
  • Mobile App
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive. Our freezer guard product can be adapted to your application needs. When a new question arises from our clients, we'll add it to this list.

Yes, our freezer guard device must be within the range of a WiFi router or access point.
Yes, Freeze-Guard supports 4-10 sensors. It will all depend on the layout of the building and where it is going to be installed.
Yes, currently some of our customers are protecting gelato freezers with our freezer guard device and they register -20 degrees fahrenheit.
It is recommended that you have an installer install the Freeze-Guard for you, unless you are tech savvy. So generally, yes, because this product can be used in adverse environments and building layouts, it is recommended that one of our technicians visits, sets, and installs the units and sensors. We do monitor the customer sites for a couple of days to make sure everything is working properly.
Yes, the Freeze-Guard mobile app provides multiple time intervals to save the temperature history of the refrigerators. It also has an export feature that allows users to email a .csv file to a person of their choice.

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Start monitoring your refrigerated and frozen products now with Freeze-Guard. You will save money, energy, and time while enjoying peace of mind.

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